What are the fees?
What do the fees cover?
What if budget is a concern?

There are limited sliding scale spots that do fill up quickly. Feel free to ask me about this in the free 20 minute consult.

If budget is a concern, I can also offer other free resources or referrals to help support you as much as is possible between sessions or after completion of therapy. This has worked very well for many clients. If you attend therapy long term with me and come across unexpected financial hardship, you’re welcome to discuss this with me so that we can consider options that may allow you to continue your therapeutic work.
Do you directly bill to insurance?

No, I do not offer direct billing but Registered Social Workers are covered under most benefit plans. I will provide you with a receipt with all the information needed for you to submit to your insurance provider.

My rate ensures availability:

Because I take on a smaller case load, my clients can rest assured that they will be able to get regular appointments based on the agreed upon frequency of sessions we discussed. Without this, our work is not evidence based and can create a start-stop type of approach which can slow down your progress, take longer to complete therapy and can cost more overall. What you can rely on is that I will not take on more clients than I can handle just to ensure that I am fully booked each week. From my experience, when this happens, it can mean that clients struggle to get regular appointments with their therapist and this then can slow down progress for some, unless they book multiple appointments in advance. I believe that you shouldn’t have to ‘hustle’ for your appointments and should be able to relax knowing that if you book appointments in a timely manner, there will be availability for you.

I am committed to not ‘stretching myself too thin’ and set up my schedule in a manner that allows me to see you only when I am able to be at my best, showing up fully present with you. I believe that this contributes to protecting the quality of our sessions, and a higher rate makes it possible for this to happen in a predictable and sustainable way.

The results:

While therapy results can’t be guaranteed, I have noticed significant improvement in my clients’ progress even months down the road and this becomes visible as many aspects of their life continue to improve. I use my detail oriented nature to our advantage: by improving my work, we improve your successes. I also have a very low drop out rate (i.e. approximately less than 12% of my clients leave before completing therapy). At times, even I am pleasantly surprised to see how quickly my clients are improving and completing therapy (for example, several clients that were estimated to be in therapy for approximately 1.5 – 2.5 years, improved and completed therapy in approximately 8-15 months with regular therapy). 

What you can rely on is that I am fully present in session and dedicated to help you. But, change really happens because my clients commit to the work even through the tough stuff and we move through the work with compassion and non-judgement, allowing the process to unfold.